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It’s my belief that a training program/diet shouldn’t just be about looking good or building strength in a limited set of movements. I feel a better understanding of our bodies, the right training and diet, smart implementation of technology and knowledge of the best techniques should improve our strength, speed, agility, balance, sleep, focus, creativity, mood, appearance, productivity, flexibility… you name it. I’m researching everything I can to try and come up with a training program that will incorporate all those things and make you into a superhero. If Batman can do it, why not us?

On this site I’ll be researching and experimenting with a range of techniques to strengthen my body and mind and to improve my lifestyle. The topics on this site will cover: bodybuilding, brain training, bodyweight training, martial arts, parkour, nutrition, psychology, persuasion, self-development, nootropics, ambidexterity, programming, art, writing, transhumanism, meditation, neuroscience, biology, genetics, philosophy, creativity, sleep research, gymnastics, hand balancing, technology, entrepreneurship, business, productivity and much more.

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Otherwise, read on and I’ll introduce myself…

The Bioneer

Hey there! My name is Adam Sinicki, the Bioneer! A pleasure to meet you. I’m an amateur bodybuilder, entrepreneur, martial artist and psychology graduate who’s fascinated with self development, training and technology. I’m using all these methods to try and make myself stronger, more agile, smarter, quicker and more financially independent. This is a self-improvement site for those who want to make their lives more exciting and themselves more awesome through training and technology. I’ll be sharing my experiments, experiences, research and training tips here.

On top of that though I’ll also be showcasing my projects and services, showing you how to make money online and discussing a wider range of lifestyle topics.  This is the Biomatrix, as personal blog. It’s an experiment so let’s see how it goes.

Basically I’m trying to make life more like a comic book, so if that appeals to you stick around and we’ll become Iron Men together.


My name is Adam Sinicki. I’m a 26 year-old guy living in London with a lovely fiance. I’m a self employed freelance writer and independent app developer, as well as an amateur bodybuilder, psychology graduate and gentleman. I enjoy comic books (Iron Man), computer games (Sonic the Hedgehog), working out, travelling, going out with friends (I enjoy it when I get there anyway) and sandwiches. ELO is my favourite band, Number9Dream is my favourite book and I can’t decide on a favourite film.

adam sinicki

NQR Productions

NQR Productions (TM) is the company through which I provide my writing services and sell apps. If you’d like to know more about my projects, or if you’d like to discuss working together, then get in touch.


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