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BIOMIND 0.2 – Brain Training App (Android & PC)

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A brain training program for increasing working memory and cognitive processing power.

Pay what you like! Please feel VERY free to download for free.

Please don’t use the PayPal payment method if you want to pay nothing.

I haven’t found a way to disable the requirement for a billing address – sorry! I am not collecting this information! I used this method partly so I would be able to track the number of downloads and test this system. I have plans for many more “BioApps” coming in the near future!

ALSO: Check back here soon for updates and source code.

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Biomind is a brain training app designed to train the working memory in a cross-modal manner.

Version: 0.2.1 Updates:

  • Android version released!
  • New input method – tap or click anywhere when a target is reached
  • 3D graphics
  • Music
  • New game modes
  • Option to alter speed

Overall, I wanted this version to feel fun to play in the same way a computer game might be. That way, people might be able to sink more time into training without it feeling like a chore.

Biomind brain training app

Please Note:

This app is a free download, though you may pay a small amount for it if you like! If you wish to download the app for free, please do not select PayPal as your payment method at checkout – it won’t accept a zero as the amount.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to disable the requirement for a physical address. I know some people are funny about giving this out, but please rest assured I won’t be using it any way!

Some future versions/updates may be paid downloads. I have been very pleased with the reception to BioMind and would love to invest more time in it going forward/make it a mainstay of the site.

Biomind instructions screen

As the size of the file and the demand for the product increases, it may also become costly to host!

However, this version is a gift to you guys! And, as promised, I will also be sharing the source code very soon for those that want to develop the concept in their own way.


This app works on Android and PC. There are no current plans for an iOS version, but I will consider this if there is enough demand. I’d need to buy a Mac first, though!


Extract the files using an app or computer. Find the APK file and copy it to your Android using USB or method of your choice.

Now open your device and use a file manager app to locate the APK. Launch the APK and follow the steps to install. Note that you must first set your device to allow installations from other sources (by default, Android devices only like to install apps from the Play Store).


  1. Extract all the files in the folder.
  2. Open the BioMind PC folder.
  3. Click the .exe. Enjoy!


The main objective is to track multiple targets and count them as their number increases. The simplest mode has you tracking a white square and a red square, while ignoring a green square.

Your objective here is to count the white and red squares separately. When one of these categories reaches the target number, you need to tap or click anywhere on the screen. For example, if you have counted 7 white squares, tap the screen. This will reset the white squares back to 0. However, the red squares will remain at whatever number they were on. You must tap again when these reach the target, or when whites climb to that number again.


For more detailed explanation, see the video and article. The aim of Biomind is to challenge the working memory to hold two or more data sets and to update them dynamically. This must be done while avoiding distracting information and may include information across different sensory domains. It should challenge working memory capacity AND persistence, focus, task-switching, and more.

Future updates will increase the cognitive load and the variety of the challenge.

Upcoming Updates:

  • More modes, including multi-modal options
  • Custom scenarios
  • Adaptive soundtracks
  • Focus training mode
  • Inhibitory control mode
  • Sports vision mode
  • More scenes and graphics
  • Score tracking
  • Eventually: VR mode


7 reviews for BIOMIND 0.2 – Brain Training App (Android & PC)

  1. Xavier Dufour-Simard (verified owner)

    Love the concept. Would be cool to have an option to increase speed to make things a bit harder. Great work!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Thank you! This is now present in the new version 😀

  2. jaysonwaters (verified owner)

    It’s fun and significantly more challenging that dual n-back! The interface needs work though and I’d recommend listing the controls for the different games at the bottom of the screen. Also, an exit/quit key/button would be good. It is great though and I can’t wait to see how it develops!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Thank you! And great ideas. The new version only has the one button, so that should significantly improve things 😀

  3. Levente Tóth (verified owner)

    The app is very nice with a really cool concept, but mode 3 does not work properly. There is a problem with the total square counter. If I press it when 5 squares have appeared in total the game fails me and if i dont press T after 5 squares have appeared it also fails me. So basically the counter seems to be working fine as it does fail me when the 6th appears, the malfunction is probably with the T button’s coding. Hope to see a fix soon!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Thanks for flagging this! The new version should no longer have this issue. Please let me know if it persists, though 🙂

  4. Asbjoern Faltum (verified owner)

    fun and challenging set of games. When you play the more advanced gamemodes it becomes truly challenging to keep track.

    Would be awesome if it tracked your high scores or performance in general. Personally i would also prefer to have more “lives” so that the game does not end immediately after a failur. In that way you could utilize the increased focus that usually occurs right after a mistake is made, having to start all over sort of dirupts the flow for me.

    It might also be an idea to set up some sort of forum or similar for continous feedback from the users (maybe it exists and i missed it).

    I look forward to future version!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Thanks for the ideas! Tracking the top score is definitely coming 🙂 So, too, will be the option for more lives. I’ll make it a variable you can choose yourself (like the speed) but I’m also planning on including certain “set” modes that will have more lives or less depending on what we’re aiming to train!

      Some sort of forum is a very good idea – in fact, I’m looking at a discord or something similar for the entire brand at some point in the near future.

      Thanks for your feedback and I’m really glad you enjoyed the game!

  5. user

    I could not download the app because it requires a physical address

  6. Lorie Bunemann

    Hi, I’ve had the program for about a week now and it’s great, can’t wait to see how I improve over the next few months with it. My only suggestion would be to create a ‘bank’ of very short videos of you demonstrating how to do each exercise so you don’t have to watch through the half an hour thing if you’ve forgotten how to do something? But apart from that it’s great and I’d definitely recommend to anyone, especially people who want to make the most out of the life and live for a long time!

  7. Wacim

    Adam , can you put the option of downloading the app without putting all these informations ?

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