BIOMIND: A Brain Training App

A brain training program for increasing working memory and cognitive processing power.

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Biomind is a brain training app designed to train the working memory in a cross-modal manner. It is a work in progress: expect updates coming soon, including an open-source version for the community to modify.


The main objective is to track multiple targets and count them as their number increases. The simplest mode has you tracking a white square and a red square, while ignoring a green square.

Your objective here is to count the white and red squares separately. When one of these categories reaches the target number (7 for the first scenario), you need to press the corresponding button. For example, if you have counted 7 white squares, hit “W”. This will reset the white squares back to 0. However, the red squares will remain at whatever number they were on.

When the red squares also reach 7, you will hit 7 to reset them to 0. This will continue until you either fail to identify when one category has reached 7, or when you hit “W” or “R” at the wrong time.


There are currently a total of four game modes. These represent increasing difficulty.

They are as follows:

Mode 1
Hit “W” when you see 7 white squares. Hit “R” when you see 7 red squares. Ignore the green squares.

Mode 2
Hit “W” when you see 4 white squares. Hit “R” when you see 4 red squares. Hit “G” when you see 4 green squares. Ignore the blue and yellow squares.

Mode 3
Hit “W” when you see 5 white squares. Hit “R” when you see 5 red squares. Do not count the green squares individually. Hit “T” when the TOTAL number of squares reaches 5. ALL squares count toward this total. The total square count is separate from the individual colors: reseting the total squares does not reset the total red and white squares.

Mode 4
Hit “W” when you see 4 white squares. Hit “R” when you see 4 red squares. Ignore green squares. Hit “A” when you hear 4 animal noises. Ignore sounds that are not animal sounds.


For more detailed explanation, see the video and article. The aim of Biomind is to challenge the working memory to hold two or more data sets and to update them dynamically. This must be done while avoiding distracting information and may include information across different sensory domains. It should challenge working memory capacity AND persistence, focus, task-switching, and more.

Future updates will increase the cognitive load and the variety of the challenge.


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