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Hello there and welcome to The Bioneer!

I’m Adam Sinicki AKA “The Bioneer.” I am a full-time health and fitness writer, personal trainer, app developer, entrepreneur, webmaster, and presenter (whew!).

Adam Sinicki is The Bioneer

This site and the accompanying YouTube channel are my passion projects. Here, I talk about human performance, psychology, fitness, health, self-development, productivity, and technology. I’m just fascinated with pushing the limits of human abilities!

A Bit About Me

I was born in 1987 and grew up in Bournemouth. I studied psychology at Surrey University and now live in Bicester, Oxfordshire with my wife, Hannah, and our daughter, Emilia.

I enjoy comic books, working out, computer games, travel, and sandwiches.

Adam Sinicki presentation

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I’m not claiming to be some kind of super-genius-athlete myself. I just LOVE this stuff and enjoy researching and experimenting in this field. Much of that fascination stems from my nerdy love of comicbooks, video games, and 80s action movies.

Growing up, I wanted to be wise like Optimus Prime, strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a genius businessman like Tony Stark. I wanted to move like Jackie Chan, and I wanted to travel to other dimensions like Reed Richards.

(I lost my Dad at the age of 9, which may have had something to do with this chronic hero worship!)

As such, that is the direction that my career has taken. As a teenager, I became very interested in physical training and thus began training from home.

When I was 16, I won “Teen Bodybuilder of the Month” on Bodybuilding.com. This led to a small amount of online recognition (big news for a 16 year-old!) and my first website. My friend – himself a highly successful online entrepreneur – would eventually help me develop that website into something that could earn money.

Adam Sinicki Training

I also studied martial arts at this time: Wado-Ryu Style Karate (up to black belt), Yang Style Tai Chi (one year), and Capoeira (one year).

Because I was just as interested in the human brain as I was the muscles, I decided I would study psychology at university. That way, I’d learn as much as I could about the brain, while continuing my training.

My dissertation was focussed on Transhumanism, and how the general population would react to “superhumans.”

This course included a one-year work placement, where I worked as a writer for a magazine called Writers’ News. I quickly decided I loved researching topics and writing about them. This was a way to get my weird ideas out there without immediate repercussions!

When I graduated, I decided to work online through my own website and my new-found writing skills. I therefore began work as a freelance writer, and was able to earn enough to make a living.

Adam Sinicki work online

I chose to specialize in two areas that interested me most: health and fitness, and technology. For 10 years I have been researching and writing about these topics, which has given me a fantastic opportunity to learn. Meanwhile, being self-employed has given me the flexibility and energy (more on that in a moment) to pursue my other goals and interests. And I’ve loved improving my business practices and tech skills to further enhance my career.

During this time, I taught myself to program and built a successful mobile app: Multiscreen Multitasking. This caught the attention of Android Authority, where I have been blogging and vlogging for the past few years. I’ve also covered numerous conferences, launch events, and more. I learned a ton about video production and website management from those guys, and I love the challenge of writing about complex development topics.

My job is awesome: one morning I’ll be training with Grant or filming myself running through the hills and that afternoon I might come home and write about using Python in AWS Lambda!

You can check out the work I’ve done for Android Authority here: https://www.androidauthority.com/author/adamsinicki/

In the past few years, I have also authored two books published by Springer: one on programming and one on working online. I continue to work for Springer to provide instructional videos.

Adam Sinicki author

I also used this freedom to further develop this website! Here I have been blogging and vlogging about human performance, and have built the YouTube channel up to a current 94,000+ subscribers. 

Last year, the site and channel began making enough money to justify my taking one day off a week to focus exclusively on the brand. This has allowed me to explore some truly fascinating topics regarding mind and body training in real depth – including the historical training methods of warrior cultures, the Wim Hof method, image streaming, flow states, and much more.

It also granted me the opportunity to work with some highly skilled and passionate individuals – martial artists, yoga and meditation experts, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

I began selling training programs through my website and to my friends, and these were featured in a national paper a few years back.

Although my health and fitness knowledge was fairly comprehensive at this point (10 years of writing about fitness and selling training programs will do that!), I decided to take a Level 2 and 3 diploma in Personal Training. I did this to ensure there were no gaps in my knowledge and I plan acquiring more qualifications going forward.

I recently began selling an eBook and training program through this channel called SuperFunctional Training. Click below to find out more about that.

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