SuperFunctional Training 2.0 – SUMMER SALE 8-15 JULY

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SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System. This is a comprehensive book, video course, and more that aims to improve every aspect of human performance.


SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System is the next evolution in SuperFunctional Training!

Want to be stronger, faster, more mobile, more energetic, more focused? What if there was a single program designed to do all of that?

This is at once an eBook, a training program, and over two hours of instructional videos.

If you’re looking for a single training program that can teach you to build not only size and strength, but also endurance, brain function, mobility, agility, explosiveness, and all-around health and performance… this is it! You don’t need to pick just one thing to improve.

The simple but highly-adaptable program can be performed at the gym, or from home. No specialist equipment is required, and the routine will adapt to any level of fitness. By the end, you’ll be a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, a little bit more mobile, and a little bit more focussed.

Meanwhile, the tutorial videos will explain every single movement while providing easier and harder variations.


On top of all that, the 80+ page eBook will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing human performance – so that you can adapt these principles to meet your own goals. Discover how to increase your working memory for better information processing, how to tap into the “missing fundamentals” of human movement, and how to fit training around your lifestyle. Anyone who enjoyed SuperFunctional Training or Functional Training and Beyond will find that this text builds on those ideas in new and exciting ways. At the same time, there is no requirement to have read any of those previous books to get the most from this one.

What You Get

Over two hours of video tutorial accessible through a powerful and convenient learning platform

Downloadable/printable routines

80+ Page PDF eBook (downloadable and printable)



Every exercise fully demonstrated and explained with easier and harder variations

No specialist equipment needed (90% of exercises can be performed with your body and a pair of dumbbells)

Train at home or at the gym

Suitable for complete beginners or advanced athletes

Gain an in-depth understanding of the human body and mind

Make training fun and exciting again!


Expand your knowledge of the human mind and body

Increase athleticism

Get stronger

Boost energy

Gain focus and problem solving skills

Upgrade mobility

Become more explosive

And more agile

Learn cool skills

And more!


This is not your final form…

33 reviews for SuperFunctional Training 2.0 – SUMMER SALE 8-15 JULY

  1. Cozy2319 (verified owner)

    I purchased Superfunctional Training 1.0 and was very happy with the purchase. Superfunctional 2.0 definitely covers more material in a way that I enjoy more and I’m already seeing strength increases. Don’t be surprised to see him on the Joe Rogan podcast one of these days. I would give a 5 star review, 10 out of 10, recommend it to a friend

  2. Hartono (verified owner)

    Adam has created a wonderfully comprehensive and holistic training system that addresses much of what is neglected in the health and fitness industry nowadays. He keeps training (super)functional, and also highly interesting with his unique and effective approach to training. While I won’t kiss goodbye to traditional bodybuilding and strength training, I am definitely incorporating a huge portion of this programme into my current routine. The price is more than reasonable for the information contained within this course, and I urge anyone who is interested in holistic cross-disciplinary training to give this a shot. A strong recommendation!

  3. Luis Felipe Alvarez zuluaga (verified owner)

    Super balanced program, has helped me address some imbalances i’ve been dealing with from training stronglift 5×5. I’ve definitely seen strength increases, and muscle gains since starting.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Awesome! Thank you 😀

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is awesome. I got the first one and was super happy to hear about the new one! Not sure if I missed it but is there a schedule for when we do the workouts? When do I do leg day and pull, in what order and how often each week.

    Super stoked for whats coming next, thanks Adam!

  5. Deniz

    I’m really curious about the program and im a big fan of your channel. But i live in Turkey and its really expensive when i converted to turkish lira.

  6. Valeria Fleitas (verified owner)

    Some exercises where not completey explaned, sometimes they arent shown because of bad camera angles, not explained fully or sometimes theyre completely skipped, the e book has quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, it would be better if apart from there being long videos explaining the whole workout but also smaller videos explaining each exercise or set so I dont have to skip through the video to rewatch an exercise. The rest is pretty ok.

  7. lsaagain (verified owner)

    KEEP IT 60

  8. Phil

    Would give fewer stars if I could. For some reason I was under the impression that this was better than the one legged curls on a bosu ball variant of functional training. Unfortunately it is not. Very sad that I can’t get a refund. The purpose here seems to be edgy, creative and do things noone else does. While I support the general idea of exploring and trying new things, sometimes if you do something nobody else does, it’s not because everyone else is too stupid or uncreative to do it. It’s because it doesn’t work.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Sorry you weren’t a fan. You absolutely can get a discount. Please just email me with your order number. What made you think you couldn’t?

      What moves in particular did you find questionable? Things like romanian deadlifts, planche leans, glute bridges… they’re all pretty much established and supported by evidence. They’ve worked wonders for myself and others. What precisely did you find aggregious?

      I also think there are far worse things than leg curls on a Bosu ball! That said, there are no Bosu balls in my program.

      No ill feelings, just trying to undertand your point of view. Thanks!

  9. Randy


  10. Marinel Magsombol (verified owner)

    Love it. I would give a five star but it would be nice if there are separate videos for each exercise, it kinda hard to scroll through one video. I enjoyed reading the ebook and I learned a lot. Right now, I’m doing the modular workouts since it’s what working for me as a full time mom.

  11. Nicolas Son (verified owner)

    Bioneer, thank you for taking the time to create this book. The research and knowledge you shared helped me looked into my insight about exercise that was difficult to reach in my mind for a long time. It was to be adaptable, versatile, and broader about how the body functions. It is widely functional and living. I’ve been trying more exercises that are more realistic to how are bodies should work in life. For example, dips (realistic if I’m on top of a wall and I need the strength to push my whole body up and over it) and pull ups (realistic if I’m trying to climb and hold on tight when high from the ground). Oh man, I almost forgot, I also been trying stair-walks with a weight jacket. That also is realistic because I imagined myself carrying a heavy box up and down the stairs in my home. I’ve never been more amazed by being a variety of my fitness. I have to make different approaches, different traits, and different skills to contribute my body as a whole, and that applies to really, anything that you do! Okay, I sound very wordy and broad here, but that’s just how I’m thinking about exercise and other domains in general. I’m going to continue reading your book and possibly do my own research on the human body and brain so I can benefit from those knowledges for the long-term. Keep doing your videos, too! They are well-spoken and amazing to listen to whenever I get the chance to watch them. AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH BIONEER!

  12. Agomsnu (verified owner)

    accidentally bought 2 copies of the superfunctional training program. is it possible to get a refund for one?

  13. Robert Holgate (verified owner)

    I’m gutted. I really wanted to love this as much as I love your YouTube content and last book. BUT. It is an absolute eye sore for me and my dyslexic brain, there is ZERO space between sentences and each line of text is so squished together there is no chance I would manage to work my brain around it.

    It doesn’t seem to offer a “programme” as such, more of an unrealistic 3-4 times a day training.

    Sorry Adam, like I said before I really wanted to enjoy it.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      I’m sorry you didn’t get on with it! If it helps, you can find a “printer friendly” version of the book that uses black on white text. There is also an in-depth regular training split in the book. You can also download that as a separate PDF and the videos talk you through each workout.

      I’ll take your criticism on board, though, and maybe use a larger font with more spacing in future.

  14. Ed (verified owner)

    I didn’t get along with the first Superfunctional training. I found it very complicated and the O.N.E workout was pretty boring so it sucked to do it for a while. I was VERY hesitant to buy this.

    Although this book is much shorter than the first, it packs in a lot of great information. The biggest improvement for me is in the new training program. It is far more simple and realistic to fit in at home/throughout the day as most of the exercises can be done with very little equipment and there is a single program with good progressions, not multiple different phases and other stuff that switched me right off the first, id say the full body day is the only one you’d need a gym for.

    The workout runs uses the mechanical drop sets from the first, which keeps up the fatiguing nature, however due to the less equipment it is far easier to switch between exercises. It is also much more feasible to break up this workout throughout the day as well as track progress as again there is only one phase. I am not that flexible so i would have liked to have seen similar progressions for the mobility routine, instead of just flat exercises. I also really like the fact that there are no more than 2 sets per exercise, as i get bored pretty easily and haven’t mastered the brain training yet 😉 so switching exercises regularly really suits me.

    Question, I was wondering how well this program fits with mma/grappling training? I have mma training most evenings so i dont have a lot of time to lift in a gym, hence giving this program a shot.

    The tutorials show most of the exercises (excluding some of the easier progressions, which U had to look up on youtube. All of the workouts are in the same video without timestamps or segments, which makes finding a specific exercise pretty annoying, also the videos cant be downloaded, which is a pain if you cant get wifi or phone signal in your gym.

    The program is designed to be adaptable so adding in some heavy lifts may be desirable if you like that sort of thing, or consider a weighted vest or backpack to challenge the muscles a little more on the bodyweight exercises.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the program, although i’m not that far into it I can see myself improving in numbers/progressions week by week. The best thing about this workout for me is I find it actually enjoyable and fun (again the small number of sets helps this). I feel like im expanding the breadth of my training over just doing the same boring lifts for numbers. Thank you Adam!

  15. Todd Al (verified owner)

    I’ve been seeing no results with my training for about two years now and have been looking for something that would turn my plateau into a launchpad. While I’ve kept strength decent in the gym when doing those specific lifts, I’ve at the same time been getting more frail as I age in any regular functional movement outside of those. I can’t move the way I could, I sit too long for work, I’ve developed back pain from an SI Joint issue, my flexibility/mobility is uneven, I have little aches and pains I have’t properly addressed no matter how many Ben Patrick YT videos I’ve watched. I’ve tried a few courses or free introduction weeks, finished the 10week Functional Patterns program, and learned to play with a steel mace. All of which have been mildly useful for shoulders and back, but were not structured enough for me to be consistent.

    This program in the two weeks I’ve been at it have already surpassed all of those, and have pushed me to levels of fatigue and fun that I haven’t been able to achieve on my own for a very long time. And because it’s infinitely expandable through the Gauntlet Set method, I can tell that it’s a program that is going to continue kicking my *glutes* day after day, while also helping to address a lot of the twisting, bending, jumping movements that will bring back some of that energy and vitality I’ve been missing.

    As others have mentioned, the videos could be cleaned up and organized a touch I suppose, but I’ll also note that I’ve paid 10x this price for programs that weren’t nearly well thought through. If it’s an 8 out of 10 for shiny branding, it’s a 15 out of 10 for in pure science backed fitness strategy, pulling in ideas from all the classic and latest minds, ideas, and research. Absolutely incredible work you’ve done here Adam and I thank you for this service. Haven’t been this excited about a program for a very long time, so thank you sooo much. You’ve given me the program I needed keep me on track for some massive rebuilding of this beaten up 45 year-old body.

  16. Milan Čavić (verified owner)

    I’m almost 45 now and I’m not new to many forms of training, not by a long shot. MMA, “classic” gym weight lifting, calisthenics, trail running, to name a few.
    So what am I getting out of this training that I was not getting before?
    Well, as much as I was targeting “everything” before, some body parts were really lagging behind. But not any more! Specifically: my glutes and hamstrings were “shut off” so to speak, and I can definitely feel them after leg day now. I feel massive benefits in my running as a consequence now. My arms also! My neuromuscular system was very “trunkcentric”, and my pecs, lats, traps were hogging all the work before. Now, I can really feel them after working out, too. I’m getting some visible body changes for the better, and there is of course a strength and endurance gain too.

  17. Jimmy Qadri (verified owner)

    I have been following your program for a while now, and I am really enjoying working out – actually looking forward to everyday I have to train. Your video-explainers are very convenient and your explanations for each exercises are very clear.

    I will be giving five starts, but I must admit I do have one thing I need help figuring out. I have been working out everyday following this routine – 1. Day: Push, 2. Day: Pull, 3. Day: Legs, 4. Day: Full body, 5. Day: Rest/Active resitution (Cardio), and the cycle repeats. My question is; is this the intended routine? I am having trouble finding a recommended routine in your product, you do mention briefly in a video-explainer how the routine is supposed to be followed, but I feel like the routine – how to follow the program everyday – needs a bit more explanation. If you or anyone have a recommended routine for the program I would apperciate a comment or a message.

    Other than this minor inconveniece this product is worth your money. Thank you for sharing this program with us!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Hi! I personally recommend following the weekend once a week, to put a bit more rest in there. It’s perfectly possible to follow it back-to-back this way, but only if you’re experienced and, I’d probably say, young! I take your point on board, though, and will remedy this 🙂

      Thanks for the positive review and I’m really glad you’re enjoying the workouts!

  18. d.torr (verified owner)

    Brilliant exercises suited for people with any equipment or none. I’ve learnt many new exercises with this, all of which are already helping me with mobility a few days in. I’m doing this warmup and mobility flow every day, and the routines on various days where I’m less busy (going to start trying the modular ones soon!). I’ve read the book and learnt a lot from this about my brain, discovered new types of meditation despite practicing meditation for years, and learnt methods to improve my cognitive performance. If you want to train everything with anything, this is the program for you. It’s great to use the various equipment lying around the house (Ab Roller, Kettlebell, Iso-Bow, etc) and find ways to tie it into the program. Well worth the cost for anyone interested in the Bioneer’s channel.

  19. Lorie Bunemann (verified owner)

    Hi, I’ve had the program for about a week now and it’s great, can’t wait to see how I improve over the next few months with it. My only suggestion would be to create a ‘bank’ of very short videos of you demonstrating how to do each exercise so you don’t have to watch through the half an hour thing if you’ve forgotten how to do something? But apart from that it’s great and I’d definitely recommend to anyone, especially people who want to make the most out of the life and live for a long time!

  20. Oskar Dickson (verified owner)

    This programme is extremely fun! I recently left The Royal Marines and I was getting very bored of just maintaining my fitness levels by doing lots of reps of press-ups, pull-ups, and squats. This programme contains so many interesting new progressions of these movements and even provides me with some totally new movements as well. Really enjoying this one and I’m seeing some gains again for the first time in years! Thanks Bioneer!

  21. Michael Tolbert (verified owner)

    Love it! The only problem is the link for the print friendly version appears to be invalid. Any help would be appreciated!

  22. Liam Hunt (verified owner)

    Another great addition from the Bioneer.

    His first book was fantastic, and this new edition is LOADED with amazing content.

    A blessing for those of us who are interested in something a bit deeper than your standard gym program.

  23. John L

    I’ve been watching the Bioneer on Youtube for awhile and finally got to his website and check out his products. So far I am really enjoying the program I just wanted to ask about the link to videos of the exercises that were mentioned. I don’t see them.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Awesome, thank you! It’s at the very bottom of the email. Or you can log in using the “My Courses” tab at the top of the site with the details you used at checkout 🙂

  24. Jonesy26 (verified owner)

    I do not have any access to the content. A fix would be appreciated so I maybe begin training in the awesome!

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      I’m very sorry to hear this! Have you checked your email (and spam)? Alternatively, you can click the “Courses” tab at the top of the website and use the details you used at checkout. I hope this helps and please message again if not!

  25. Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

    Hey! I’m so sorry for the late response! Unfortunately, I can’t find you on Discord. Could you please email me and I’ll send you a CODE that should give you free access? I have no idea why this has happened, sorry!

  26. Valentyn Zaretskyi (verified owner)

    Hey! I kinda like the book and the program ’cause it is really good to find some solid scientific background for all the stuff regarding both physical and mental development. But I have a question: while I have found recommended schedule for modular training, I could not find in the book recommended schedule for the split of full PPL-FB. How those are supposed to be spread over the week for the most effective results?

  27. Jonesy26 (verified owner)

    For those reading and seeing the above comments I’ve left here, the issue has been resolved. There were some technical issues with communication.
    Adam was very helpful in resolving this issue to satisfaction.

    If anyone has a similar issue in contacting Adam through email reach out to him through on one the social media platforms through a comment on a post.

  28. Heintz Hugo (verified owner)

    I Discovered Adam on Youtube two years ago and I Just bought the program this summer. It provided me so much value on aspects that I neglected in my training, the routine are the perfect mix of strength and mobility with variants for every level. If you are experiencing a plateau or just curious about functionnal training this might be the perfect programm for you. Thank you Adam !

  29. Guglielmo Roversi (verified owner)

    Great, at start it felt extremely hard, being so different from what I was used to, but after a while I got used to the many different exercise and feel better than ever!

  30. Josiah Jacobson (verified owner)

    just bought this program. it’s great! I’m new to training and find the progressions very helpful. I understand that it’s based off of the batman training but would like to know if it works up to the Nightwing training. I really like the Nightwing training but am not advanced enough for it. does this training complement that routine? and can i combine them? also, i know this is off topic, but can you look into Daredevil? he seems right up your alley. anyway, thank you for the awesome program and content!

  31. Jake Glass (verified owner)

    G’day from Australia. I have owned this book for a while and I recommend it. As a pure beginner, I started the protean system and trained for 6 months. I then made a switch to the 2nd edition of Overcoming Gravity (OG2) with a full body routine, to focus on specific skills in gymnastics. While my muscles have grown faster following OG2, my work capacity and cardio has dropped significantly despite training sessions being just as long. Interestingly, I never felt like I had to deload with the Protean system, whereas it seems necessary following OG2. This could be because pure beginners have less muscle to rest; however, the Protean’s sheer variety of exercises likely contributes to a feeling of a fresh start every week. In the beginning, I was overconfident with climbing rope and ended up with tendinopathy, but I didn’t take a break or see a doctor (it was obvious what the cause was). The Protean system has an entire scale-back system implemented and mobility/prehabilitation/rehab are part of it. I kept training with caution and scaled back pull movements; I felt fully recovered after 2 weeks (age 33 at the time). The Protean system challenges every part of the body so smaller muscles are rarely left behind (I am talking about you, infraspinatus). Though I am focused on gymnastics, I intend to have mesocycles of the Protean System. We easily get caught in the gains of muscle and numbers that we overlook what our training lacks. I feel like the Protean System 2.0 leaves nothing on the table. It won’t ensure faster progress in specific fields, but it will challenge you in a way that many programs are lacking. For me, the best part is I don’t have to think about it; The Bioneer thought of everything.
    P.s. How I handled my injury was highly specific to my circumstance, and my nursing knowledge informed my decisions. My experience should not be taken as medical advice.

  32. Joseph Parks (verified owner)

    I’ve been a longtime fan of the Bioneer on youtube. I love the videos and have incorporated different aspects of the advice into my training.

    My biggest question along the line has always been “how do you really fit it all together?” So I bought the eBook looking for that answer. And I have to say this is not what I expected to be greeted with. A full day of training has exercise after exercise that keeps on going. And with each and every exercise being some sort of gauntlet set it seems impossible to approach a full workout with intent.

    And for a training style that aims break up the monotony of modern training I find it uncharacteristic that almost every single exercise in the program follows this gauntlet mentality.

    Overall, I think the eBook itself is good. Though I didn’t really spot any new information I haven’t already gathered from the videos. But the routine itself comes off as a letdown and seems to be pretty one dimensional in terms of approach and just strings together a long series of high rep exercises.

  33. Taneesh Ahmad (verified owner)

    Hi Adam, requesting a refund since I bought the program twice by mistake. you could check my records on my account [email protected].

    It’s a great program though, just thought this was a new one and it wasn’t so. By the time I had bought it again.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Refund processed, thank you! 😀

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