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SuperFunctional Training 2.0 – Training Program With Book & Videos

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SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System. This is a comprehensive book, video course, and more that aims to improve every aspect of human performance.


SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System is the next evolution in SuperFunctional Training!

Want to be stronger, faster, more mobile, more energetic, more focused? What if there was a single program designed to do all of that?

This is at once an eBook, a training program, and over two hours of instructional videos.

If you’re looking for a single training program that can teach you to build not only size and strength, but also endurance, brain function, mobility, agility, explosiveness, and all-around health and performance… this is it! You don’t need to pick just one thing to improve.

The simple but highly-adaptable program can be performed at the gym, or from home. No specialist equipment is required, and the routine will adapt to any level of fitness. By the end, you’ll be a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, a little bit more mobile, and a little bit more focussed.

Meanwhile, the tutorial videos will explain every single movement while providing easier and harder variations.


On top of all that, the 80+ page eBook will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing human performance – so that you can adapt these principles to meet your own goals. Discover how to increase your working memory for better information processing, how to tap into the “missing fundamentals” of human movement, and how to fit training around your lifestyle. Anyone who enjoyed SuperFunctional Training or Functional Training and Beyond will find that this text builds on those ideas in new and exciting ways. At the same time, there is no requirement to have read any of those previous books to get the most from this one.

What You Get

Over two hours of video tutorial accessible through a powerful and convenient learning platform

Downloadable/printable routines

80+ Page PDF eBook (downloadable and printable)



Every exercise fully demonstrated and explained with easier and harder variations

No specialist equipment needed (90% of exercises can be performed with your body and a pair of dumbbells)

Train at home or at the gym

Suitable for complete beginners or advanced athletes

Gain an in-depth understanding of the human body and mind

Make training fun and exciting again!


Expand your knowledge of the human mind and body

Increase athleticism

Get stronger

Boost energy

Gain focus and problem solving skills

Upgrade mobility

Become more explosive

And more agile

Learn cool skills

And more!


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10 reviews for SuperFunctional Training 2.0 – Training Program With Book & Videos

  1. Cozy2319 (verified owner)

    I purchased Superfunctional Training 1.0 and was very happy with the purchase. Superfunctional 2.0 definitely covers more material in a way that I enjoy more and I’m already seeing strength increases. Don’t be surprised to see him on the Joe Rogan podcast one of these days. I would give a 5 star review, 10 out of 10, recommend it to a friend

  2. Hartono (verified owner)

    Adam has created a wonderfully comprehensive and holistic training system that addresses much of what is neglected in the health and fitness industry nowadays. He keeps training (super)functional, and also highly interesting with his unique and effective approach to training. While I won’t kiss goodbye to traditional bodybuilding and strength training, I am definitely incorporating a huge portion of this programme into my current routine. The price is more than reasonable for the information contained within this course, and I urge anyone who is interested in holistic cross-disciplinary training to give this a shot. A strong recommendation!

  3. Luis Felipe Alvarez zuluaga (verified owner)

    Super balanced program, has helped me address some imbalances i’ve been dealing with from training stronglift 5×5. I’ve definitely seen strength increases, and muscle gains since starting.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Awesome! Thank you 😀

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This is awesome. I got the first one and was super happy to hear about the new one! Not sure if I missed it but is there a schedule for when we do the workouts? When do I do leg day and pull, in what order and how often each week.

    Super stoked for whats coming next, thanks Adam!

  5. Deniz

    I’m really curious about the program and im a big fan of your channel. But i live in Turkey and its really expensive when i converted to turkish lira.

  6. Valeria Fleitas (verified owner)

    Some exercises where not completey explaned, sometimes they arent shown because of bad camera angles, not explained fully or sometimes theyre completely skipped, the e book has quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, it would be better if apart from there being long videos explaining the whole workout but also smaller videos explaining each exercise or set so I dont have to skip through the video to rewatch an exercise. The rest is pretty ok.

  7. lsaagain (verified owner)

    KEEP IT 60

  8. Phil

    Would give fewer stars if I could. For some reason I was under the impression that this was better than the one legged curls on a bosu ball variant of functional training. Unfortunately it is not. Very sad that I can’t get a refund. The purpose here seems to be edgy, creative and do things noone else does. While I support the general idea of exploring and trying new things, sometimes if you do something nobody else does, it’s not because everyone else is too stupid or uncreative to do it. It’s because it doesn’t work.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Sorry you weren’t a fan. You absolutely can get a discount. Please just email me with your order number. What made you think you couldn’t?

      What moves in particular did you find questionable? Things like romanian deadlifts, planche leans, glute bridges… they’re all pretty much established and supported by evidence. They’ve worked wonders for myself and others. What precisely did you find aggregious?

      I also think there are far worse things than leg curls on a Bosu ball! That said, there are no Bosu balls in my program.

      No ill feelings, just trying to undertand your point of view. Thanks!

  9. Marinel Magsombol (verified owner)

    Love it. I would give a five star but it would be nice if there are separate videos for each exercise, it kinda hard to scroll through one video. I enjoyed reading the ebook and I learned a lot. Right now, I’m doing the modular workouts since it’s what working for me as a full time mom.

  10. Nicolas Son (verified owner)

    Bioneer, thank you for taking the time to create this book. The research and knowledge you shared helped me looked into my insight about exercise that was difficult to reach in my mind for a long time. It was to be adaptable, versatile, and broader about how the body functions. It is widely functional and living. I’ve been trying more exercises that are more realistic to how are bodies should work in life. For example, dips (realistic if I’m on top of a wall and I need the strength to push my whole body up and over it) and pull ups (realistic if I’m trying to climb and hold on tight when high from the ground). Oh man, I almost forgot, I also been trying stair-walks with a weight jacket. That also is realistic because I imagined myself carrying a heavy box up and down the stairs in my home. I’ve never been more amazed by being a variety of my fitness. I have to make different approaches, different traits, and different skills to contribute my body as a whole, and that applies to really, anything that you do! Okay, I sound very wordy and broad here, but that’s just how I’m thinking about exercise and other domains in general. I’m going to continue reading your book and possibly do my own research on the human body and brain so I can benefit from those knowledges for the long-term. Keep doing your videos, too! They are well-spoken and amazing to listen to whenever I get the chance to watch them. AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH BIONEER!

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