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This Book is Now Replaced by This One:

SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System

SuperFunctional Training is a huge, full-color eBook and detailed training plan for the mind and body delivered in ZIP and PDF format.

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This product has been replaced by this one:

SuperFunctional Training 2.0: The Protean Performance System 



SuperFunctional Training is a huge eBook and training program with a difference. This book is not just for people who want to build muscle or get fitter, it is for people who want to improve those things AND their mental focus, mobility, strength, creativity, problem solving, agility, explosiveness, memory, and more.

Check the video, or skip past it to read more about the eBook and program…

Why do we train? We train to get into our best possible shape for an event that is yet to come. SuperFunctional Training is training for everyone and aims to help you be ready for anything and change what you’re capable of. It does this by providing training for not just your muscles, but every aspect of your performance.

Why train our bodies and not our minds as well?

This book explains why training both together actually results in greater benefits in both areas, and demonstrates that the mind and body cannot be treated as independent entities. As well as the usual full-body routine, this program includes meditation, brain training, visualization, and more exercises to build your brain power like a muscle.

SuperFunctional Training also draws on the latest sports science, underground training techniques, martial arts, bodybuilding, historical warrior training, calisthenics, gymnastic strength training, biohacking, brain training, neuroscience, and much more. It takes all of it, and builds everything that has been proven to work into one easy to follow program.

In short, this is the culmination of everything I’ve worked on and researched as The Bioneer – structured and organized into a single plan.

SuperFunctional Training shows how to incorporate these disparate concepts alongside a regular (highly effective) fitness program. The whole thing only requires a few hours out of your week and takes you from absolute beginner to SuperFunctional Bioneer.

All the concepts are explained throughout the book, with cool illustrations and infographics helping you to better understand the workings of your nervous system, metabolism, and more.

Combine this with a complete diet designed to enhance your energy levels, IQ, sleep, and recovery; and lifestyle alterations that will help you be more productive, confident, and creative… The result is a total transformation unlike anything you’ve tried before.

22 reviews for SuperFunctional Training – Ebook and Full Program

  1. Dayne Coleman (verified owner)

    I was genuinely surprised and delighted by the value that this book contains. I initially bought the book because I was a fan of The Bioneer YouTube channel, and I wanted to support him. However, I found myself enthralled. I have been in the health and fitness community for some time now, and one thing is for certain. There is A LOT of information out there. Some of it is bad, and some of it is good, but there isn’t an easy way to tell which is which. This book takes a ton of that good information and distills it into a concise, fun to read resource. Not only that, but a workout plan and diet plan is included? Talk about value. I have since recommended this book to several of my close friends, and do the same to you. Do yourself a favor. Get the book.

  2. Etienne (verified owner)

    Much more info than I expected, just starting but already impressed, lot work went into this. I think I’ve found what I was looking for, now just to execute.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    Beyond words…i purchased the book to support the bioneer but also because i was very interested in seeing how everything the Bioneer discusses in his YouTube channel would be implemented… Overall an excellent book from an excellent Man… Highly suggest to anyone and everyone into fitness wether your a beginner or advanced to purchase this book… im sure you’ll really appreciate this book once you digest it… The information alone extremely insightful(considering how long it would take you to learn all this by yourself and then to implement, the bioneer definitely did a fantastic job and really much gratitude to him for making this and putting in the work it takes to be the bioneer we all know a appreciate …) really helps you better understand the complex system that is our body…and guides you to enhancing that system

    Thanks way way more than a bunch ?… Bioneer(Adam)

  4. Ryan (verified owner)

    Forgot to rate ?

  5. Jaqueline

    You are so awesome! I don’t think I’ve truly read anything like this
    before. So wonderful to discover another person with unique thoughts on this
    issue. Really.. many thanks for starting this up.
    This site is something that’s needed on the web, someone
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  6. Rodrigo Gaete (verified owner)

    This book is packed with information, it is absolutely a must. Ps: I could translate it into Spanish, email me if you’re interested, Adam! Keep up the good work!

  7. Dominik

    So much profound knowledge in one 20$ E-Book.
    Honestly the value of this content would have been sold for a few thousand bucks from other content creators.
    Therefore, mad props to Adam. I am very thankful for discovering his channel and website and will definitely buy everything of his future releases.

    Thank you very much Adam!

  8. Oihanu Barff (verified owner)

    To say that this book is underrated is an understatement. It is extremely affordable for it’s quality and quantity and easy to read. I mean come on! As a fellow reviewer said “Workout and diet plan is included?”. (Not giving too much away about the contents of the book itself) I noticed that there are other topics in this book that you wouldn’t really find in other far more expensive training books (I’ve bought a few). Taking the best from most fitness worlds to create one very interesting, educating and enjoyable book that I will use for the years to come. Trust me. Buy the book. Well done, Adam.

  9. shade

    great work..

  10. Callum (verified owner)

    I was hesitant splashing out on a £15 on a fitness book, even If it was on sale and written by Adam. After having the product for a few weeks I can easily say that I would spend full price. I read the whole book multiple times over and started implementing so many things. This is not an workout guide with filler or a bioscience book with dull sciencey explanations, Its a book that explains fitness, from cognitive ability to performance, strength to emotional health. Adam doesn’t talk down to you or put you in a box, he simple explains what you need to reach you goals (and some other stuff you never heard of but will try in the future because it really cool). Couldn’t recommend it enough to beginners to advance.

  11. Abdulrahman (verified owner)

    Best fitness YouTuber.
    The book is insane(in a good way), it looks at fitness from the perspective it SHOULD be looked at which is using your body’s ability to adapt and expand to your advatnage and to helk you achieve your goals with the introduction to many useful concepts to give you more than the foundation for you to start your journey or redirect yourself with the help of the newly gained insight.
    And let me tell you, getting it for 35$ or less is a steal, you can feel the passion and experience behind it, it only took me one or two youtube videos to get me hooked and open my mind beyond the traditional views of weightlifting and calisthenics especially with the amount misinformation being spread.
    I’m not much of a reader mostly because I don’t easily finds books that I enjoy but this one did it for me and like with all the previous books I liked the usual happened, I learn something new, apply it and share it then everyonce in a while try to recall as much information from the book as possible on a whim and if I don’t remember or feel something is missing I go open the book to remember it again and make it stick.
    Overall Adam you are one legendary human would love for you to keep sharing your discoveries :).

  12. ramanayakabuddhimal (verified owner)

    This book worth more than the price it’s selling.
    Purely educational while been absolutely practical in the real world.
    Adam, Good Luck man!
    you’ve been an exceptional mentor through the past few years…

    ——Trust me, Buy the book!——

  13. Anatole (verified owner)

    Adam Sinicki has written a very valuable book. As a layman in sports science and kinesiology I found the explanations immensely interesting and could follow them easily. I now understand what goes on and why different kinds of exercise play an important role. The workouts obviously are carefully thought out and I will incorporate at least parts of them (gyms are closed in Germany as of January 2021). I enjoyed Sinicki’s style of writing. I recommend this book. Thanks, Adam Sinicki, and best wishes from Berlin!

  14. lorenzo vasta (verified owner)

    A really excellent book that contains everything you need to better yourself physically and mentally.
    I bought it because I was a fan of his YouTube channel and his passion for training definetely got me more invested in my own.
    The program itself is realistic and inspired, really shows how hard Adam has worked and how innovative his views are.
    Can’t recommend this highly enough !

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Thank you 😀 I really appreciate it! Very glad you enjoyed the book.

  15. Mehmet Ozdemir (verified owner)

    This guy absolutely crushed it. His philosophy, training, ideology, everything, they feel like something I’ve been searching for my entire life. He made the perfect program to make my, and most likely a lot of other people’s, childhood dream real. I’m just shocked like I’ve no idea what to say just buy the book, read the first few pages and watch your perspective just zoom out to another galaxy. This thing is way too good. It takes me closer to who I want to be every single day. the dude’s my idol. amazing stuff

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Wow! Thank you very much and I’m really glad you enjoyed the book and took that much from it! Really appreciate the great review 😀

  16. Andrew Copson

    This is too detailed in the wrong places, it is sparse in the diet and workout sections and too detailed in the beginning sections, it also assumes everyone has access to a gym or a garden and lots of equipment. This is written to show off knowledge and nothing more with little or no regard to the reader.

    • Adam Sinicki (verified owner)

      Hi Andrew, thank you for your purchase and review and I’m very sorry you didn’t enjoy the book. Actually, there is a separate PDF that contains a version of the workout specifically for those that have no equipment. It details alternatives for every exercise and I think the only really essential piece of equipment is a pull up bar. Did you miss that? There’s also an archive of the bodyweight exercises which should include most things people wouldn’t already be familiar with and recipes for the meal plan. That said, the diet portion was only ever meant as a small addition – hence why I don’t mention it in any marketing. Hopefully that helps, but either way I hope you manage to take something useful from it all 🙂

  17. Merlin Conrad

    Hey Adam, it really isin’t easy to reach you.

    I’m a huge fan of your work and I would love to translate your book, Superfunctional training into German and Spanish.

    I’m not here for the money, I would like for more people the be able the read your content.


  18. Ucheltmel Carlson (verified owner)

    I’m someone who doesn’t like to read and someone who is overweight and this eBook and the other files that come with it are enjoyable and easy to read and helping me to lose weight and be the strongest I’ve ever been. The eBook and other files are like his Youtube channel in reading form. 5 stars, 10 out of 10, and I’d recommend it to a friend.

  19. Trevor Brady (verified owner)

    Not only that I learned the best way to get the physique and athleticism I want, but I will be a much better critical thinker.

  20. Tim Hogan (verified owner)

    Adam is a genius, he’s changed how I think and workout and I am much better for it. The book is q must have for anyone with any interest in brain or physical training. Love it, live the channel, brilliant Adam well done

  21. Cord rich (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of the bioneer for a long time now. Every since I got into health and fitness. As a fire fighter my main objective and fitness is always been to be as functional as possible for whatever my job demands on the day. So naturally the traditional bodybuilding/ powerlifting/calisthenics tribes has always left a little to be desired. With this system I have finally found a modality of training that fits both my mentality and goals. I use the system every day and encourage my coworkers to use it as well and give it 5 Out of five cannot wait to purchase the 2.0.

  22. Trinque Thomas

    This book is awesome, so much value in it <3

    Just a question:
    p199, on spot strength training, there is "Spot Strength (Performed Twice)"

    Does this mean that we have to do the entire workout two time ?

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