Adaptive Training: Building a Body That’s Fit for Function



Adaptive Training: Building a Body That’s Fit for Function, is my new print book, from Mango Publishing. Also available on Kindle!

What is Adaptive Training?

“Working out” is a man-made concept. Our bodies did not evolve to respond to training.

Instead, the body is built to adapt to its environment. Over-time our lifestyles, habits, and surroundings reshape our bodies; with the ultimate goal of becoming as efficient as possible.

Trying to force change through just a few hours of exercise each week is, therefore, far from optimal. Our activity outside the gym will always be the bigger stimulus. Moreover, it will offer the precise kind of stimulus that triggers change.

Handstand woods adaative training

In the woods, every handstand is sightly dfferent!

The problem is that we have designed our environments to be as comfortable as possible, removing the need for adaptation. The results can be crippling.

In this book, I suggest rethinking our approach to training. Rather than clearly distinguishing between our “workouts” and our daily activities, we should instead aim to keep our bodies nourished with movement and challenge, throughout the day. We should re-design our living spaces to facilitate a greater variety of movement. And we should re-examine our habits and routines.

If we do this correctly, we can rebuild our bodies through “osmosis.” Without even trying.

Hacking the Human Body

To take this a step further, we can also explore HOW the body is shaped by its environment. How can we emulate the same stimuli offered by our regular interactions with the world around us, in order to trigger massive change?

Walking woods

There are several strategies that apply, here, such as greasing the groove, training with more variety, even outdoors, using shorter, more frequent workouts, repetition without repetition, utilizing spaced learning, “black box training,” and more.

Adaptive Training is primarily a training philosophy and a discussion examining the way we work out. However, I have also responded to feedback on my previous print book. This time around, I’ve also included multiple full routines that you can follow to start seeing results yourself.


  • Explore the many ways in which the body is able to quickly adapt to its surroundings.
  • Learn how to train outdoors, using logs, and trees, and hills.
  • Discover why our brains are not challenged enough by modern life; and what to do about it!
  • Reshape your environment to help yourself grow into more optimal physical performance
  • Learn a new approach to muscle imbalances and joint pain
  • Integrate training into your everyday activities
  • Follow full programs designed to move the body in more natural ways – and stimulate a greater response, as a result


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