Can You Bench Press a Dinosaur??

By on September 30, 2014

In case my article on working out your ‘power quotient’ didn’t give it away, I love monitoring my progress in the gym and looking at stats. Working hard to increase a one rep max is immensely satisfying and it’s a great way to monitor your progress and compare it to others.


But while a one rep max is a satisfying number, it doesn’t really mean much without some context. What IS 165kg in real-world terms? Could you bench press anything useful with that? And if your Mum was trapped under a car, would you be able to deadlift it off of her? More importantly… could you squat a mountain gorilla?

For a bit of fun, I have answered these questions for you below. Enter your one rep maximum, choose an exercise and a measurement, and see what you could actually lift. These figures aren’t 100% accurate of course, they’re based on rough averages. Male and female lions weigh vastly different amounts for instance, so in cases like these I’ve taken a mean average.

Generally though, if this calculator says you can lift 1,000 eggs, then you can probably lift 1,000 eggs. Now you can stop chasing numbers and instead make it your ambition to be able to bicep curl a lion. It doesn’t get much more epic than that…

If this is popular, I’ll be adding more figures soon – so share with your friends!


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