Functional Training and Beyond

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Functional Training and Beyond is a print book that explains the power of functional training to enhance your life. Explore the history of training and physical culture, and learn why conventional training protocols are not enough on their own to provide the full range of health benefits.


Body and Brain Training Designed to Unlock Your Amazing Hidden Potential

Inactive and stressful lifestyles. Many of us have forgotten how to move correctly. We live with muscular imbalances, constant pain, and low energy. Adam Sinicki is on a mission to change this. He is best known for his YouTube channel “The Bioneer”, where he provides expertise on functional training, brain training, productivity, flow states, and more.

Become better than just functional. Currently popular functional training is exercise as rehabilitation. It aims to restore normal, healthy strength and mobility using compound and multi-faceted movements. In Functional Training and Beyond, Adam reveals how we can become “better than just functional.” We can improve not only our physical performance but also our mental state. We can train so that we move better, think more clearly, feel energetic, and even live more efficiently.

An entirely new way to train. Up until now working out has been defined as having one of two goals─get bigger or get leaner. But why are those the only goals? What if there was a third, practical, healthy and exciting way to train our body as well as our mind? Functional Training and Beyond shows us how we can train our brains just like our bodies, and how to incorporate this into a comprehensive, well-rounded program.

In Functional Training and Beyond:

Enjoy the unique benefits of new ways to train your body and your mind

Learn how to train for greater mobility, less pain, improved mood, and increased energy

Explore the fun of training with kettlebells, calisthenics, clubbells, street workouts, animal moves, handstands, rope climbs, isometrics, and more

4 reviews for Functional Training and Beyond

  1. Boston Snowball

    This is by far the most Badass book I have ever read!! Adam is truly the most knowledgeable person I have ever come across in the fitness world. his book is fun to read, It is so engaging and after finishing it I am more inspired than I have ever been! often times we get too caught up in the rules and limitations of various training modalities and forget how adaptable we really are. thank you Adam for the awesome read!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

  2. Jake D

    When it comes to training this is now the most well rounded book in my library. I love the no holds barred approach to so many different subjects on self improvement. Whether you are just getting into fitness or you have been a gym rat for years there is valuable information for all skill levels. The best part is that you know Adam has tried them all in his own quest of becoming the best version of himself. He is a true pioneer and an inspiration to us all. As a man in my mid forties with a family and a career I have to be very careful of what I subject my body to so I am always searching for fun interactive ways to to keep improving myself while avoiding injury and staying healthy. As Adam has pointed out multiple times, we are all different and we need to do what works for us and who we want to be. Considering how many of Adam’s videos I have watched I also find it amusing that while I’m reading this book I can hear his voice as my internal monologue. I find it to be strangely comforting and proof of what an impact Adam has made in my own quest of becoming the best version of myself.

  3. Mark Nicol

    Functional Training and Beyond was an absolute revelation for me. For four decades I’ve strictly logged, plotted and programmed my weight training. Now thanks entirely to the wealth of detailed, practical and thought provoking information within your book I am mentally and physically refreshed and recharged. You have successfully explained without bias the benefits of various training modalities and how to incorporate them into a workable program. I am now happier, fitter and closer to superfunctional than ever before. I cannot recommend your book enough. Thank you so much Adam and all in the best in the future with your business, website and The Bioneer channel.

    • Adam Sinicki

      Wow, what a great review 😀 Thank you very much, and I’m very glad you found the book useful!

  4. Yahya

    Hey Adam, big fan here..
    I have just finished this book and oh boy, I did learn alot althought there was some barrier when the book dive deep and starts using some biology and neuroscience words, yet it was an eye opener. But I actually couldn’t grip of how to really create a customized program for my current state, so my question is do you offer such thing to purchase?

    Thank you Adam 💜

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