15% Off SelfDecode DNA Analysis (Use Code SINICKI15)

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Get 15% off SelfDecode’s DNA analysis and gain personalized health and fitness recommendations based on your genetic code!

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SelfDecode offers DNA analysis and can provide you with detailed information and recommendations based on your genetic code. Why do you respond better to certain types of diet? Are you a naturally gifted athlete? Are you prone to injury? What lifestyle changes are likely to have a positive impact on your cognitive function?

SelfDecode DNA analysis

The more you learn about yourself, the better you can optimize and personalize your approach to health and fitness.

SelfDecode is my top choice for DNA analysis not only because they have the best privacy policy, but also because they offer more in-depth analysis and recommendations than rival companies. Unlike similar services, SelfDecode uses advanced machine learning to sort through huge amounts of data and make nuanced recommendations based not only on individual “SNPs” but also the way those interact with one another.

How it Works

To get started, you’ll need to provide your genetic code. You can either do this via a simple mouth swab (you’ll be sent a testing kit), or you can upload a pre-existing file if you’ve used another service before (like Ancestry, or 23AndMe).

From there, you’ll get access to personalized recommendations, lots of highly detailed reports (relating to everything from hair loss, to cognitive performance, to sleep), and a personalized blog with new insights, discoveries, and tips that are relevant to you personally. One of my favourite things about SelfDecode is that all studies and research papers are linked, so you can dive really deep if you want to!

For me personally, DNA analysis has shone a light on some of my greatest advantages and challenges in regards to training. I have begun a supplement regime to combat a genetic susceptibility to muscle and tendon injuries, and I have successfully increased my own energy levels.

Whatever else, it’s just fascinating. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try!



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