Welcome to The Bioneer!

By on May 7, 2014

Hey guys and welcome to ‘The Bioneer’ – the spiritual successor to ‘The Biomatrix’. The Bioneer is a site that will focus on my usual interests of self improvement, fitness, bodybuilding and transhumanism, with a little extra on programming, making money online and working for yourself. There will be a range of different stuff here, but it will all be based on helping you to become more AWESOME. Thanks for visiting and check back soon!

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About Adam Sinicki

Hi there! My name is Adam Sinicki, I'm an entrepreneur, psychology graduate and amateur bodybuilder interested in fitness, self improvement, technology and transhumanism. I run an online business (NQR Productions) which allows me to live the lifestyle I want: getting time to hit the gym and to work on my projects and apps. Stick around and I'll be sharing my experiments and adventures in brain training, bodybuilding, productivity, business and technology.