Ambidexterity Training – A Drawing/Quick Update

By on July 12, 2014

Behold! I did this drawing entirely with my left hand! This was a much more fun way of training for ambidexterity than writing out passages and creates a little less of the old ‘brain ache’.


I made this drawing on the Surface Pro using Sketchbook Pro. I found that although I was drawing with my left hand, I still made the typical mistake of moving from right to left thus meaning I was pushing rather than dragging and that I was covering up half of what I was doing. I’m working on that! I used a ‘loose’ style on purpose to hide the lack of control.

The drawing by the way is of the Bioneer (Me!) getting himself maintained by a bunch of transhuman equipment in the Biolab. Yes I have an overactive imagination…

For the basis of comparison, you can see another drawing I did with the Sketchbook/Surface Pro combination below but using my right hand. You can see the lines are a lot steadier (and it took half the time), but I definitely think the training has put me above the average Joe in terms of left hand control. I’ll keep you updated! For more on ambidexterity, visit this link.


Anyone else training for ambidexterity? What success have you had/what’s working for you?

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