A Beast of a Shoulder Workout in 10 Minutes!

By on September 2, 2014

Another super efficient dumbbell workout for you. This one will target your shoulders and all three of the deltoid heads (anterior, lateral and posterior) in just 10 minutes of training. It utilises one giant set (x1) and two lots of supersets (x3) with minimal rest times. The exercises used are:

  • Arnold Presses
  • Dumbbell Upper Cuts
  • Bent Over Raises
  • Figure 8s

The whole workout can be performed with dumbbells set on a single weight, which is what makes it so quick and helps you keep down those rest times. This is the smart way to build a workout – it minimises set-up and faff so that you’re more likely to actually¬†do¬†your training and then get on with a productive day. I’ll be posting more of these for the remaining body parts, and another for the shoulders using lighter weights. Stay tuned for that, and I can only apologise for the pain your shoulders are about to be in…


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