Functional Strength Training – With a Chair!

By on October 1, 2014

In the video below, I show you how to use a chair to get all the benefits of a kettlebell or Indian club training…

As you’ll know if you read this site often, I am a big fan of kettlebells thanks to their usefulness in both resistance training and CV. They’re  also pretty cool for building strength in your posterior chain with things like swings and front squats and they’re ideal for compound movements like clean and presses/deadlifts if you don’t have a barbell to train with.

I was researching Indian club training as a potential new addition to my workout arsenal, when I realised I didn’t need to spend money in order to benefit from something very similar: hold a chair by the end, swing it round and you get the very same benefits – the long ‘lever’ handle, the off-center weight and the length… I did ‘chair swings’ for about 200 reps earlier and it was one hell of a workout. I also did what I call ‘ridiculous chair squats’ (see the video) which train the legs, core, deltoids, forearms, triceps and biceps. Not bad!

And it doesn’t have to be chairs – you can create unique training with all manner of unusual objects and ideas. Later I’ll be doing a video on throwing and catching big kettlebells, which I’m hoping is going to be the most awesome way of training. It’s awesome, because it’s dangerous.

Enjoy the video, and I hope it gives you some inspiration!

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