Brand New Day: Why I’m Building a New Site

By on May 7, 2014

For the non-nerds out there, the title of this post also happens to be the title of a big Spider-Man story arc. Yup, I out-nerded myself in my very first post…

Still, addressing why I’ve decided to build a new website (again) seems like a good place to begin for my first post. Not only will I explain why I decided to completely move away from the old Biomatrix name, but also what those experiences taught me, what my plans are going forward and what you can expect from this site.

Why the New Site?

So first of all then, why a new site? And why a complete new domain and fresh start rather than the usual redesigns?

There are a couple of reasons for this, but the first and perhaps biggest is that the Biomatrix had become something of a bloated behemoth. I’d used old-fashioned SEO practices to get it higher in Google which are now frowned upon and hard to undo. The content on there goes back now about 8 years which means a lot of it is no longer my best caliber of work, and the organisation was also really poor…

People had been telling me for years to switch to a WordPress site, but I resisted because I wanted to be able to create my own fancy web-apps and have complete control over every element of the creation. Ultimately though, it lead to a site that was fiddly to update, not very Google-friendly and impossible to navigate. Randomly I finally caved in one day and started tinkering with the latest version of WordPress – and I liked what I saw. Sometimes we let sentiment and emotion get in the way of doing the most logical thing. At this point it’s easier for me to start a new website than to rebuild the old one – it’s a hard but important lesson.

At the same time, I wanted one site where I could write really whatever I wanted. I’m still planning on sticking to self-improvement and fitness, but I’ve combined those things with a personal blog so that really this time ‘anything goes’. If I watch an inspirational film and thinks it fits the tone of the site – I’ll review it.

Going Forward

This also allows me to combine my ‘The Web Is Yours’ site with this one in order to provide technology news and money making tips. An old reader of the Biomatrix calling himself ‘Vampiretu’ once told me we needed a name for people who visited the Biomatrix and suggested the name ‘Bioneer’. It all then fell into place when I realised that I was Bioneer, and that I could talk about fitness, self employment, nootropics and all that other stuff through my own experience and experiments. This also gives me a space where I can showcase my projects and offer my services, tying everything neatly in a nice bow.

I also plan to integrate my social media fully into this site, so you can follow me on Google+, on Twitter, on Instagram and anywhere else you like. I’m going to try and build the reputation of this site from the ground up and at least to start with it’s going to be more for love than for money. Don’t expect to see ads on here for a while – other than for my own products and services.

To promote this site, I’m hoping to get interviews with a bunch of people, to enhance my presence in social media, and to give my YouTube channels a similar boost.

A New Start

Finally, a new start on here makes sense because I’m going through some pretty big changes in my personal life too. I just got engaged for instance (why thank you) and have also lost one of my big clients forcing me to look for other revenue streams sharpish. I will be chronicling that here too, so you can hopefully learn from my mistakes and (hopefully) successes. It’s a brand new start for me and for the site, so thank you for joining me on this adventure!

RIP The Biomatrix… Long live The Bioneer!

About Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki, AKA The Bioneer, is a writer, personal trainer, author, entrepreneur, and web developer. I've been writing about health, psychology, and fitness for the past 10+ years and have a fascination with the limits of human performance. When I'm not running my online businesses or training, I love sandwiches, computer games, comics, and hanging out with my family.

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