Vibram Five Fingers – Review and Important Warning

By on July 4, 2014

Here I discuss my opinions and experiences with the Five Finger shoes from Vibram. This I believe is much closer to how we’re meant to move around on our feet, but it is not without it’s downsides. I’ll be going into much more detail on this and on the biomechanics of running/chi running in the future, so stay tuned!

If you want to grab yourself a pair of Vibrams, here’s the Amazon link.

Note: Vibram recently had a lawsuit filed against them for allegedly making ‘false health claims’. This is due to a study that showed people didn’t have a reduced chance of injury for wearing Vibrams. In fact though the study was limited (only looking at one type of injury) and there’s no denying that we evolved for barefoot running. As I say in the video, these are great shoes for parkour/training but must be handled with care and used in the right circumstances.

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