Video – One Armed Chin Up Training

By on November 7, 2014

Just a quick video detailing the training I’ve been doing to learn the one armed chin up. There are several exercises I use:

  • Rocking chin ups – where you lean more on one arm while performing chin ups
  • One armed inverted chin up – have your legs on a raised platform and pull your upper body upwards with one arm
  • Negative one armed chin ups – jump up and then slowly lower yourself with one arm
  • Cheat one armed chin ups – jump and pull up with one arm
  • Typewriter and hold – holding yourself up with both hands, move gradually so all your weight is one hand, let go with the other one and hang with a bent elbow
  • Regular chin ups with alternating tempos

This also just so happens to be a great foundation for a pull up bar biceps workout!


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