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By on July 15, 2014

Voxis Launcher

So today is the launch of Voxis Launcher – ColdfusTion’s amazing launcher app which I’ve been helping to code for. This is his brain child and it’s incredibly polished, elegant and smooth as a result of that. For my part, there’s some nifty code in there which I’m pretty proud of too…

You can grab the launcher yourself from this link:


And be sure to check out ColdfusTion’s YouTube channel over at:


Over the next 24 hours I’m going to be watching the downloads with baited breath and trying not to get too distracted (like I did last time with Multiscreen Multitasking). At this point there have been several hundred downloads, a lot of positive reviews and a couple of bugs/critiques we need to look at. AllĀ par for the courseĀ then…

This is exciting for me because it’s the first time an app I’m involved with has had hype prior to launch. It’s a huge business project we’ve both been working on for the last 6 months and this is D-Day! Hopefully it will provide another source of passive income so I can spend more time on the projects I enjoy like this site.

Of course it’s far from done – we have lots of updates to implement and we’ll be busy provided tech support for a while! Check back here for updates on how it goes and the business lessons I can glean from it all!

Voxis – What is It/Review

Okay so seeing as I helped make it, this isn’t going to be the most unbiased review…


Voxis Launcher is essentially a launcher that aims to bring ColdfusTion’s design sensibilities to your phone. This means a simple, elegant and minimal launcher with quick access to all your favourite apps. There are some really neat design touches (like the awesome white options menu) and things like ‘recent apps’ for convenience and speed. The introduction is really something special, and you’ll have to try that one for yourself!

voxis options

Unlike many other launchers this one comes pre-set up ready to go as soon as you install it which makes it quicker and easier for beginners. For pros who like customisation there’s some of that there too (such as the ability to choose your own images as icons), but there will be much more on the way soon.

Overall this is a very different experience for a launcher, but I find myself using it every day now for its good looks, its speed and its simplicity. Give it a go and see what you think! It’s less than a cup of coffee…


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