A Hangover Cure That Actually Works – Banana and Honey Sandwiches

By on July 10, 2015

Hey guys! Sorry for the radio silence – I’ve been away for a few days on my stag night and have spent the rest of the week trying to catch up/recover.

And in the interest of that latter point, I found one particular trick very helpful. It’s time I shared with you one of the only ‘health hacks’ that I whole heartedly believe in.

In the past I have always been let down by hangover cures. Hair of the dog straight up doesn’t work and painkillers can barely put a dent in a splitting hangover headache.

But then one day I was on holiday with some people I had just met and got embarrassingly drunk. And I was so hungover the next day that I couldn’t even sit up straight in bed. So

Just symbolically shooting some beer with a crossbow. As you do...

Just symbolically shooting some beer with a crossbow. As you do…

then the guy who got me so drunk in the first place brought me this amazing hangover cure and I’m not exaggerating – it completely fixed me.


There’s no point building suspense any longer seeing as the answer is in the title. The cure is the ‘banana honey sandwich’. And when I got back and did some research I found that there are a lot of good reasons for why this is such a good cure…

Why the Banana Honey Sandwich Works

There are a number of awesome ingredients in banana honey sandwiches that make them so effective. Let’s break it down…


The first is the banana. Bananas are high in potassium which gets depleted when you drink and which leads to cramping during the night and headaches.

At the same time, bananas are alkaline which provides a natural antacid. So if you’re getting heartburn from your alcohol consumption or your stomach is feeling a little tender, they can help. They also provide a good source of sugars which help you to replenish some energy.


This is the big one. I’ve raved about honey in the past for other good things it can do but when it comes to combating hangovers, it is the boss.

Honey is comforting and soothing for starters. If you’re feeling rough, this is like a gentle hug or a warm blanket. If you’ve been singing all night (my voice is still gone from my stag) then it can be soothing on the throat too.

More importantly though is the effect that honey has on acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is the toxic substance that gets created when our body breaks down alcohol and this is actually what leads to many of the symptoms of hangover.

What gets rid of acetaldehyde? Fructose! And guess where you get fructose? The fructose store! (Nah just joking, it’s in honey.)

So eating honey helps you to physically break down the substances that cause your hangover in the first place. Honey also contains sucrose which means you get both rapid and slow-releasing sugar to get your blood sugar back to normal and keep it there. This helps to combat that shaky, weak feeling.

The salt content meanwhile will work with the potassium in the bananas to help get your electrolytes back to normal.


Lastly we have bread. Bread acts as another good source of carbohydrates to help ‘refuel’ you at a point when you’re likely feeling very spent. What’s more, bread is nice and dry and can help to soak up acids in the stomach.

Using the Cure

This cure is so powerful that you can almost rely on it to reverse any hangover. Combine it with a big glass of water and a strong cup of tea (to wake you up, even though it’s a vasodilator) and maybe some fruit juice to replenish lost vitamins and minerals.

Thing is, you’re not going to want this next time you’re hung over. In fact, it may well seem like the worst thing you could imagine eating. Trust me though, after a few bites you will start to feel the effects and you will be very glad you gave it a go!

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