Full Body Functional Workout for Strength, Hypertrophy, Mobility, Endurance & More

By on November 24, 2023

Hey gang! I recently uploaded a full-body, follow-along workout that needs zero equipment (except an optional jump rope) and can be completed in 30(ish) minutes. The aim was to show how you can train for multiple traits (strength, speed, endurance etc.) all at once and STILL get a decent stimulus for each, in a relatively short time.

Jump Rope

Some people were asking me to share a written version of the routine so that they could print it out… So, here it is! Scroll down to get the full routine and watch the video below for much more detail on how to perform the workout, why I chose the moves I did, etc.


3 Minute Warm Up (Jump Rope/Shadow Boxing/Skater Hops)

4 Minute Active Stretches

  • Deep Squat
  • Cossack Squat
  • Deep Lunge
  • Single Leg Bodyweight Good Mornings
  • Shoulder Opener 
  • Hangs

2 x Swan Pulls 8RPE

2 x Elevated Pistol Squats 8RPE

2 x Chin Ups 7-8RPE

Chin Ups

2 x Sissy Squats (hindu squats) 8RPE

2 x Pike Push Up 8RPE

2 x 1 Minute Lizard Crawls

Sprint HIIT (or lunge walk) – 2 Min

2 Minute Cool Down (Walk) – 2 Min


You can use this workout 2-3 times per week to see results. More than that may yield diminishing returns. Rest for 30-90 seconds; 30 seconds for hypertrophy, 90 for strength and control.

Train outside for added benefits.


About Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki, AKA The Bioneer, is a writer, personal trainer, author, entrepreneur, and web developer. I've been writing about health, psychology, and fitness for the past 10+ years and have a fascination with the limits of human performance. When I'm not running my online businesses or training, I love sandwiches, computer games, comics, and hanging out with my family.


  1. The Man-madeoneer AKA Aaron says:

    This is a routine anyone can follow. Some exercises might need to be modified for beginners and veterans of exercise. I enjoy the science but beginners don’t like a ton of info.

  2. Training in nature, natural training and natural food, without chemicals are the best ways to develop a healthy body and a healthy mind. Especially the workouts done in the mountains, at high altitudes, where the air is not polluted, and nature offers us so many means to perform various physical exercises without using modern fitness equipment

  3. amien says:


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