My Training System for 2023: The Pool

By on January 13, 2023

Happy 2023, everybody! Below, you’ll find my personal training program for 2023. This is the program I’ve been following for the last two months and will be going forward. Except, it’s not really a “program” so much as a system.

I call it “The Pool.”

It’s “The Pool” because it’s a series of exercises I can draw from during any given workout. There are “pools” of exercises, grouped together based on their similar properties. Rather than a set routine, I define the filters and then choose the specific exercises I want to use for that workout.

Bent Arm Planche

This allows me to avoid overly repetitious training, while at the same time ensuring I’m able to specifically target a “push” or “pull” workout, a given muscle group, or a facet of training (be that mobility, strength, cardio, skills, etc.).

For context, please see my recent video on my 2023 training system.

Shared here, is a PDF version of the system. However, this is actually a Notion database, which allows me to easily implement filters. This way, I can bring up all the push exercises in one place, or all the pull exercises. Or I can bring up all the mobility exercises.

Importantly, I’ve also included a “location” property. This lets me quickly see where can perform the workout. Sometimes, I train at home, sometimes I train at the gym. Sometimes, I train outdoors! This way, I can get a good workout in, no matter what equipment is available to me.

A Work In Progress

This system is a work in progress. I have not yet included all the exercises I want to. In future, I also intend on adding a “rating system.” This isn’t to rate the effectiveness of the exercise, but rather how much I like it and how convenient and effective it is for me. That way, I could sort the results by rating and get a quick selection of the exercises I’m most likely to want/need. I can then go deeper only if I want to try something new with the same benefits.

It is also designed for me. This is not intended as a training program or as advice. More just an example of one way you can design your training. I’m also sharing it because a lot of people tell me they want the “Bioneer Workout.” Well, here it is!

Please don’t follow this verbatim. There are no sets and reps, no progressions, no RPE… I know all that stuff as it applies to me and this is only intended as a kind of “nudge” toward the best workout.

If you do want a training program designed using similar principles that will take you from a beginner to strong and functional, check out SuperFunctional Training 2.0.

The Pool

Without further ado, find “The Pool” below. I’ll be updating this from time to time, so check back if you’re curious. Hopefully, you’ll get a few ideas for exercises to research or integrate into your own workouts!

Notion Template – by popular request!


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  1. Sir monsieur says:

    Thank you for the pdf adam.
    Do you think this will make training easier for you in the long run or is it more meant as a way to administrate the type of training you do?

  2. Alfonso says:

    Any chance you might make the Pool (or a copy of it) publicly accessible in Notion? I use Notion and would love to create a duplicate of it for my own personal use.

  3. Brenna K Daugherty says:

    Like most of what you put out, super helpful. I’ve been trying to plan out workouts, but I find myself doing the same thing over and over because I haven’t had something like this to pull from. Exactly what I needed. Best to you and the family.

  4. Nick says:

    Hey I built something similar! In Notion too. Although yours is cleaner. Can you make it a template? Can you Share > Share to the web > Allow duplicate as a template?

    Thank you,

  5. James Dykema says:

    Ive been thinking of using this with modular training system, or just with the normal system just breaking things up into groups of 3-4 exercises without the warmups (I hurt my calf doing all the ropeless skipping). It sounds very useful for our modern lives but also difficult because of knowing so many movements to make it effective. You could be on the edge of a revolutionary movement for fitness trainers.

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