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By on December 15, 2021

It is possible to get fit without the gym. In fact, I would argue, it is often preferable to get fit without the gym; as you have more space, greater convenience, and nobody looking over you…

get fit without the gym

Many people assume you need complex equipment and heavy weights to get into shape. However, the following workout will improve your athleticism, your physique, your stamina, your mobility, and more. All you’ll need is a pull up bar, a band, and a pair of dumbbells. (And, ideally, some way to anchor yourself for a bodyweight row. Such as a towel tied around something.)

It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s a full-body workout that can be completed in less than 50 minutes.

Don’t have a band? No sweat: you can skip the punch-outs without too much negative effect. Can’t perform a movement? Just use an easier variation, such as performing push-ups on your knees.

Don’t know what something is? Use Google.

Not sure if your weight is heavy enough? Make do! Slow the movement down to make it more difficult, or use a more explosive cadence to build power. Use continuous time under tension to focus on hypertrophy.


This is how to get fit without the gym. I call it the “Efficient Performance Workout.”

Efficient Performance Workout

Rules: 30 Seconds Between Paired Exercises. 1.30 Minutes Between Sets. RPE refers to difficult level, out of 10.

10 Minutes Skipping

Superset 2 x 1 Minute: Hollow Body/Reverse Plank/Side Planks

Superset 2 x 10 RPE 7: Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift/Frog Kicks

Superset 2 x 10 RPE 8: Band Punch-Out/Renegade Rows

Superset 2 x Failure: Pike Press/Pull Ups

Superset 2 x 10 RPE 8: Glute Bridge/Split Squat

Superset 2 x Failure: Curls/Kickbacks

Superset 2 x 10 RPE 8: Jump Squats/Side Lunges

Superset 3 x Failure: Push Ups/Bodyweight Rows

Optional RPE 8: 100 KB Swings

5 Minutes Shadow Boxing


You can download a pretty PDF version for your phone or PC, here:

The Workout Explained

Here’s a bit about why I chose each exercise. First, I used a superset format to improve time efficiency. Most exercises are paired with a move that trains the antagonist muscles. For example: the push up is a horizontal press, which is paired with the bodyweight row – a horizontal pull.

I’ve attempted to cover all the major movement patterns. I have pushes, pulls, squats, lunges, twists, and more. Far from getting less of a workout than you would at the gym, this should push you to develop strength in the frontal plane, to improve hamstring mobility, to improve core stability… all things that typical starter-workouts miss.

The final portion of the workout is designed to focus more on strength-endurance, and endurance. This will help to develop a more shredded physique, while also giving you more endurance in sports and life.

Pike Press Up

There is stuff missing here, of course. A more fleshed-out version of this program would include some work for shoulder mobility, grip strength, etc. My own training includes straight arm strength, more intense core training, etc.

Of course, if you want a fully-fleshed out program with a periodized structure, you could always check out my eBook and training program: SuperFunctional Training. That includes a “minimal equipment” version of each workout, allowing you to train anywhere.

The aim of the Efficient Performance Workout, however, was to show you how to get fit without the gym. And, furthermore, to show you that you can increase performance across a wide variety of traits and attributes in just a single workout!

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Adam Sinicki, AKA The Bioneer, is a writer, personal trainer, author, entrepreneur, and web developer. I've been writing about health, psychology, and fitness for the past 10+ years and have a fascination with the limits of human performance. When I'm not running my online businesses or training, I love sandwiches, computer games, comics, and hanging out with my family.


  1. Joshua Nichols says:

    I’m looking for a customized workout plan and diet I was a high rise window cleaner who fell 40 ft and landed on concrete because of this I have no left ankle I physically cannot run at my home I have dumbbells and a pull up bar and curl bar a weighted vest and a dip station I have tried various work outs from various books without success do you offer a workout plan and diet to help me succeed ?

  2. Rahul Ranjit says:

    Hey Adam!
    I wasn’t able to understand the way you’ve written out the exercises in the ‘Home Full Body Workout article’.
    Do you think you can break it down for me? Sorry and thanks in advance! 😀 Love your stuff!

    Superset 2 x 1 Minute: Hollow Body/Reverse Plank/Side Planks

    Does this mean – 20 sec each of these 3 exercises, done altogether as 1 superset?
    And this superset, done twice? [‘Superset 2 x’]

  3. Federico Cattaneo says:

    Thanks for the free workout idea Adam, huge fan of yours.

    I can program for myself but new ideas are always welcome. Cheers!

  4. Josiah says:

    I am confused about the superset of curls and kickbacks. Which curls and kickbacks are they? I don’t think they are bicep curls or dumbbell kickbacks because it says to go to failure, which does not make sense with dumbbells, because people usually specify how many reps to do. Just trying not to do the wrong exercise, please help.

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