Kratos Workout – A Free Routine to Train Like the God of War!

By on January 15, 2023

Below is the full “Kratos Workout” as described in my Kratos training video. This workout is designed to build formidable, functional strength, alongside a jacked physique, great endurance, and agility.

God of War workout

To this end, I used an approach similar to a “power building” routine. That means placing the big, heavy lifts at the start of the workout, and then moving onto more isolated/closed chain movements with higher rep ranges and less resistance.

The difference is that, instead of lifting barbells and dumbbells, we’re lifting logs, rocks, and our own bodyweight (or tools like kettlebells and sandbags). These less “accommodating” tools build grip strength, core stability, balance, and more. These are the kinds of tools Kratos would be using and they feel a little more “on brand” for the character.

God of War workout

So, rather than combining powerlifting and bodybuilding, this is closer to strongman and functional training. If you can find a good portmanteau for that, please let me know in the comments!

I think this program still manages to be comprehensive. It includes pulls, pushes, a squat, a lunge, a hinge, gait, and rotation. It also includes moves in multiple rep-ranges and challenges multiple energy systems.

The full routine is below:

You could also include a bodyweight row on a tree branch to get some horizontal pulling (or some kind of sled pull). Or, alternatively, bent rows with kettlebells or a log. You could also put in Cossack squats, for something in the frontal plane.

At one point I had landline curls with a log for building biceps. This isn’t super practical, though, so if you want more aesthetics, then chin ups might be better.

Let me know what changes you’d make to this little Kratos workout!

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  1. Damascus says:

    Haven’t seen a workout from you in a really long time and I’m glad you decided to post this! Just finished playing God of War 4 and had an AMAZING time with it. I was wondering if you could make a video/workout about the Punisher? Would really love to see your take on him, keep up the good work!!

  2. Pedro Braz says:

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Neuro says:

    If I was to add vector sets say for squats 3 x 15, would I perform 15 total reps then alternate or alternate between til I get to 15 total reps? For example, if I picked hindu squats, explosive squats, and sumo squats, would I do 5 reps for each or 15?

  4. Hassan says:

    Pull up 3×9
    Push up 3×20
    Squids 3×20

  5. Jim says:

    A portmanteau for strongman and functional training? How about strongfun training? Or funstrong? Or funman? Stronctional? There are lots of options. 🙂

  6. Leonardo Marsili says:

    Hey man, great post, and great routine! I was wandering, how can you perform bodyweight rows on a tree branch? I can’t find any branch that Is low enough for me ti do the rows so I don’t know how I could perform them

  7. John Di Giambattista says:

    Hey I’m just seeking a little clarity regarding the frequency of this workout plan? Should I be performing this workout once or twice a week? Should I perhaps because of the full body nature of this workout only perform it once a week in addition to regular training? Or if this is something that I can replace regular training with and perform this workout three times a week?

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