Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Workout/Diet Adherence – Stick to Your Training Like Glue!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a school of psychology or a 'therapeutic approach' used by psychologists in the treatment of a number of anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. For the most part it has been shown to be effective (1) above and beyond other psychotherapeutic interventions such as psychotherapy or behavioural therapy on … Continue Reading ››

A Transhuman Business Model – Make Yourself Scalable By Using Technology and Upgrading Your Efficiency

I earn a living predominantly as a copywriter and an app developer (with a little extra coming in off the side from this blog). I've gone over it before in other articles on this site, but I genuinely believe that being self-employed is one of the very best things you can do for your productivity, … Continue Reading ››

How to Add Inches to Your Jump Height With Training and Technique – Everything You Need to Know

Jumping high is an awesome skill that can be useful in a range of different scenarios. A good jumping height is useful in a number of different sports and athletic pursuits (most notably basketball) but it also just makes you generally explosive, light on your feet and agile. In martial arts it helps you to … Continue Reading ››

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Performance, Productivity and Accessing Flow States – Better Than Nootropics?

CBT stands for 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy' and is a 'pscyhotherapeutic' method for dealing with various mental health issues. Essentially, if you suffer with anxiety, phobias, insomnia or a range of other issues, you may be referred to a cognitive behavioral therapist who will then talk at you for a while and give you some exercises … Continue Reading ››

How to Train Like Bruce Lee for Insane Power and Speed

Bruce Lee has got to be one of the most legendary martial artists and athletes who ever lived. While he died tragically young, he managed to leave one heck of an impression and still serves as inspiration for many of us trying to improve our physical performance. This was a guy who actually had only relatively … Continue Reading ››