How to Train Like Bruce Lee for Insane Power and Speed

Bruce Lee has got to be one of the most legendary martial artists and athletes who ever lived. While he died tragically young, he managed to leave one heck of an impression and still serves as inspiration for many of us trying to improve our physical performance. This was a guy who actually had only relatively … Continue Reading ››

Video – What is Transhumanism?

This is a video follow up to my previous introduction to transhumanism. It discusses the movement, some of the technologies and the implications that these will have on us personally, culturally and socio-economically. These technologies are imminent and they will have a huge impact on our I also discuss again the cloudy definitions around … Continue Reading ››

Is it Still Possible to Make Money From an App? How to Stand Out in a Saturated Marketplace

I wish I had started building Android apps two years before I did. Back then, there was such a dearth of apps that almost anything you put together would be pretty much a guaranteed hit. When I did land on the app development scene it wasn't quite too late: I actually managed to release the … Continue Reading ››

A Complete Guide to Transhumanism

'Transhumanism' is an 'intellectual and cultural movement' that promotes the use of technology in order to advance the human condition. What this essentially means, is that a transhumanist is someone who believes we should use technology in order to give ourselves enhanced abilities – higher IQs, greater strength, longer lifespans, sharper senses… you name it. … Continue Reading ››