Is it Still Possible to Make Money From an App? How to Stand Out in a Saturated Marketplace

I wish I had started building Android apps two years before I did. Back then, there was such a dearth of apps that almost anything you put together would be pretty much a guaranteed hit. When I did land on the app development scene it wasn't quite too late: I actually managed to release the … Continue Reading ››

A Complete Guide to Transhumanism

'Transhumanism' is an 'intellectual and cultural movement' that promotes the use of technology in order to advance the human condition. What this essentially means, is that a transhumanist is someone who believes we should use technology in order to give ourselves enhanced abilities – higher IQs, greater strength, longer lifespans, sharper senses… you name it. … Continue Reading ››

Can You Get Strong With Just Self-Resistance and Dynamic Tension?

This is just a quick post where I'm going to share the results of some experimentation and ask a question I think a lot of people might have been wondering about. That question: 'can you get strong with just dynamic tension and self-resistance?'. Let's find out...

What is Self-Resistance/Dynamic Tension?

Self-resistance is the process of providing resistance for your … Continue Reading ››

A Guide to Increasing Flexibility: Eliminate Pain, Increase Agility and Improve Your Physique

Here's an admission: I used to think that stretching was for little girls… I have always been interested in performance, strength and fitness, but for some reason flexibility just didn't appeal. The splits look cool, but are they really worth the hours of stretching? When you could be lifting? And I was especially sure of … Continue Reading ››

A Biceps Workout in Comic Book Form: BICEPS DEVASTATION

Hey guys, just a little motivation/experimentation for a Monday morning! Instead of a video workout, today I thought I'd try drawing a workout in comic book form. Hopefully it's a quick and colourful way to portray a routine. This one is a short and highly intense workout for biceps that should take about 30 minutes and leave … Continue Reading ››