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By on November 12, 2020

I’ve been sitting on this for a while and it has taken all of my self-control not to spill the beans… but now I can! I’m extremely excited to announce that I have a new print book on the way: Functional Training and Beyond: Building the Ultimate Superfunctional Body and Mind. Releasing 19th January 2021.

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This is an entirely new book, very different from the SuperFunctional Training ebook that is still available on this site, although it has a similar ethos.

Read on to learn more.

Why a Book About Functional Training?

Functional Training and Beyond is designed to serve as your field guide to functional training. The book is applicable to athletes, martial arts, and coaches, but especially the average Joe and Josephine. Functional training is training that has real-world benefit: it’s not just about looking good or getting big numbers in a few key lifts. Functional training makes you faster, stronger, more agile. It makes you more formidable in the ring and on the court, but it also prepares you for everything life might throw at you.

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We need this kind of training now more than ever: as an antidote to our largely sedentary lifestyles. If you feel achy, tired, and immobile – and if you are constantly putting your back out – then this style of training can fix all that.

Functiona Training With Sandbag

But as regular readers already know: I’m not just interested in restoring normal function. This isn’t “training as rehabilitation.” What I’m interested in, is training to become better than awesome. To be able to do the things you don’t need to be able to do, to open up new opportunities.

Functional Training and Beyond: The Pitch

Whereas SuperFunctional Training is a grab-bag of different ideas that culminates in a full program with diet advice and other recommendations, Functional Training and Beyond is more a narrative and an education. A comprehensive exploration of ideas and concepts that you can really sink your teeth into!

A comprehensive exploration of ideas and concepts.

In Functional Training and Beyond, I explore the early origins of training and physical culture: taking the reader all the way back to the old-time strongmen, golden era bodybuilders, and beginnings of physical culture in Ancient Greece. The book goes on to examine powerlifting, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, movement training, and even brain training! And of course: modern approaches to functional training.

At each stage, I assess the effects these types of training actually have on our physiology, health, and performance. The aim: to take all the most beneficial and functional concepts from different styles of training to help the reader create their own, tailored approach to enhancing their physical and mental performance. Readers will learn how to train with clubs, kettlebells, tires, their own body weight, and even chairs! And we’ll examine why physical training SHOULD be combined with brain training; and how to do exactly that with meditation and other strategies.

Warming up

My hope is that this will make for an eye-opening read and introduction to functional training concepts.  

If your training consists of bicep curls and bench press right now, then you’re missing out on so much. There are so many awesome ways to train already out there – it’s just time to discover them! My hope is that you’ll discover new and exciting ways to train and improve your performance every time you read.

A Personal Note

While I’ve had books published in the past (Thriving in the Gig Economy: Freelancing Online for Tech Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Learn Unity for Android Game Development: A Guide to Game Design, Development, and Marketing), this is the first time I have had a fitness book published (SuperFunctional Training is self-published). It’s also a real passion project of mine and something I’m immensely proud of.

Readers will learn how to train with clubs, kettlebells, tires, their own body weight, and even chairs!

And the team at Mango (my publisher on this one) have been absolutely fantastic at every stage of the way. I really love what they’ve done with the design – and they’ve even incorporated hand-drawn illustrations (from yours truly!) inside the book!

So yeah, please check it out and maybe preorder if you’re interested! Thank you so much to everyone who already has and to all those who also bought my last training tome. Stay tuned for more content on Functional Training and Beyond, as I’ll also be discussing the process, doing unboxings, reading chapters, sharing snippets and more!

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